Lab Members

Current Lab Members


Dr Sonia Corrêa Principal Investigator

Dr Mark Wall (university of Warwick) Sabbatical

Dr Ellen Hogg Research Associate

Dr Lucy Privitera Research Associate


Past Lab members and where they are now

Post Doctoral Researchers

  • Dr Luciana Previato de Almeida (University of São Paulo) 01/06/2014-31/05/2015
  • Dr David Lake 01/08/2012-30/07/2014 

Research Assistants

  • Katherine Eales (University of Birmingham) 01/10/2011-30/09/2013
  • Thomas O’ Loughlin (University of Cambridge) 01/10/2010-30/08/2011

PhD students

  • Dr Abigail Perkins 01/10/07-30/09/10                                                                                                        Joint supervision with Professor Bruno Frenguelli
  • Dr Sandrine Wauters 01/10/09-30/09/13                                                                                                 Joint supervision with Professor Bruno Frenguelli
  • Dr Vanessa Yeung 01/10/10-30/03/14                                                                                                       Joint supervision with Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos
  • Dr Holly Baum 01/10/10-30/03/14                                                                                                             Joint supervision with Dr Jürgen Müller

PhD Sandwich placement supervision

  • Nicola Galley, BBSRC-DTC project student 01/04/12-01/06/12
  • Kim McKelvey, MOAC-mini project student 01/07/09-01/09/09
  • Heather Benford, MRC-DTC programme 01/01/09-01/03/09